How to Apply For a 1 Year Thailand Visa in the UK


An visa allows the holder to venture in to and formally request entrance in the issuing country. Thailand has allocated through the entire world Royal Thai Embassies whilst the diplomatic bureau responsible for visa processing and reception.

The respective consulate for Great Britain is Royal Thai Embassy London. It’s situated at 29-30 Queen’s Gate London SW7 5JB and any office hours will be 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM from Monday through Friday. There are also several Thai Consulates in britain who issue visas for Thailand.

Types of Thailand Inch year visa

This Thai visa, also known since the non-immigrant visa,ราชภัฏ which allows the holder to visit to Thailand. It is valid for a number of entries for a duration of 12 months. The usual purposes identified by the Thai embassy are retirement (Sort”OA”), spiritual assignment (Sort”R”), visiting of relatives (Sort”O”), media (Type”M”), official duties (Form”F”), research (Type”R S”), job at Thailand (Form”B”) and running business in Thailand (Form”B”). On the contrary, it is not allowed if the use of the trip is tourism, so as to seek out employment opportunity or school where he or she could study or teach.

Ask for Thailand 1 year visa

The conventional papers necessary would be the Thai visa application form, valid passport (the duration of validity required depends upon the type of the non-immigrant Thailand visa ) and recent photographs. The documents critical to the visa application is contingent to the goal of this visit. There may still be a need to supply proof for the economic adequacy of this candidate, bodily and mental fitness and compliance with all the Thai Immigration legislation.

In the event the petition for a 1 year Thai visa has been decided favorable to the offender, a sticker or stamp will be affixed to the passport submitted.

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